Xmall STP

by TranStore Packers


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Do you have backflow issues with other Stand to Pee devices? Do you fear you'll never be able to find one that will work for you? Fear not. The Xmall STP was designed especially for guys like you. 

While some guys may not like the extra-large urethral opening, holy wow, is this guy easy to use. Even guys with the strongest and fastest pee streams will have no issue with backflow. And honestly, unless someone's head is in the urinal (no judgments), no one will be able to see the Xmall STP's wider opening.

The Xmall STP also packs remarkably well. It can be packed "up" or "down" and creates a bulge similar in size to the smallest Mr. Limpy

Made of 100% Body-Safe silicone and available in 5 skin tones. 


Customer Reviews

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X small stp
Uncut STP
easy to use, good look and feel
Great STP and Packer
Great product!

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