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Due to the wild popularity of the Santos STP, we've brought in another model from the same company. This STP is longer and offers better clearance when pulling it out of your jeans and underwear. 

Please note that the hole in the urethra is very, very small. Without modification, all but slow pee-ers will need to restrict their flow or will experience backflow. 


This STP is made from 100% body-safe silicone.

- Shaft Length (from top): 4.25 inches 
- Cup Length: 3.5 inches 

Silicone may be cleaned using any one of the following methods:
- Hot water and soap
- Diluted bleach


*First-time users, we strongly recommend that you practice in the shower before attempting to use it in public. Even if you have had success with other STPs in the past, every STP is different and requires some getting used to. 

*Please note that due to the sensitive nature of this product, all sales are final. 

Customer Reviews

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More of a question

Can you use this for sex?

great packer not so great stp

great packer probably the best ive ever used but the pee hole is very small and quite difficult to modify as the material is quite thick also it did come with an odd blue tube like thing with no explanation or instructions for what it did or how to properly care for the material
i enjoy it i just wish i could pee with it


All Day STP


This is an honest to god review. I’m not trying to destroy the product name or company. Just providing feedback to fix with future revisions.

I received this as an early Christmas gift. Needless to say I was excited but that soon came to an end.

In order to utilize this STP, you have to be a really slow pee-er. A normal flow or heavy flow will cause it to overfill in 2-3 seconds and you have to forcefully stop peeing—which is incredibly hard to do when you really gotta go. Honestly, easiest way to fix this is to make the pee whole bigger but I don’t want to damage the product. The exit hole is just way too small to mimic normal urine flow anyway. After numerous attempts at using it, I’ve given up hope of finding the right angle because there isn’t one. Even if you manage the “right angle” as some videos have claimed, you immediately start to fill it.

To pack, it’s comfortable to use all day but that’s best this product has offered me. =(


I have used allot of STPs....this one is the best! No leaks and packs very well!!!!

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