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Donating a binder you no longer use can literally change someone's life. To support folks out there in need, Transguy Supply has partnered with the Greater Cincinnati Binder Collaborative to create a give-back program that gets binders into the hands of those who need them most.

Who is the Greater Cincinnati Binder Collaborative?
"We are a group of clinicians in Cincinnati providing care and support to young transgender and gender non-conforming people. Our mission is to provide free binders to our clients to help decrease dysphoria and affirm their gender identity. We aim to support and promote self-confidence in our clients in a safe and healthy way. Send us your binders!"

Not only will your recycled binder help a young trans or gender non-conforming youth, for every binder donated, Transguy Supply will send you a $5 voucher to spend on our site. Email to request a shipping label for your used binder. Once we receive your donation, we'll email you a digital voucher to show our thanks!


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